From the moment Guglielmina established her own brand, she decided to adventure into new creative paths, considering her vast professional experience in the jewellery world.

The idea at the heart of her project is to give life to jewellery lines that are outside the traditional concept. These pieces are not to be considered status symbols, but rather precious ornamental and functional accessories destined to personalize the look of those who wear them.

With this in mind, the precious metal, as well as the natural stones, where present, lend their qualities to enhance the uniqueness of the piece as a whole, rather than concentrating on their intrinsic value.

Combining gold and silver with other fine materials, such as silk, cashmere, exotic leather and wood, guarantees the non-conventional nature of the final product.

In each piece she creates reside the “ancient” knowledge and traditions of the Veneto area, where she was born, raised, and continues to live and work.

This knowledge can be traced back to the manual techniques she acquired as a young child from the skilful hands of her mother, an expert Haute Couture Tailor and Embroiderer.

Guglielmina has chosen to incorporate this art into her personal repertoire as a jewellery designer.

Embroidery, tailoring, crocheting are all techniques handed down through the generations, which have been taken up by the artisans and further developed over the years into a unique style and personalization, rendering our “Made in Italy” identifiable and envied.

Her ambition is to offer her customers precious and one-of-a-kind products.

Each piece is unique, both in model and workmanship. Although they may be replicated, no two pieces will ever be identical, because they are rigorously hand-made, often without following a predefined pattern.

Where patterns are used, the materials guarantee uniqueness in any case.

The natural stones used are different from one another in cut and chromatic tone, and when thread and yarn are selected it is always in harmony with the colour of the stones.

This is the fundamental characteristic of the creations by Guglielmina.

The artist gathers the ideas that are often inspired by nature and the materials selected.

She filters them through design, which she loves deeply.

Developed and stylized forms take shape in her jewels through her creative workmanship and manual instinct.

In this way, she is able to continually stimulate her creative edge, rendering her collections original and unique.