GUGLIELMINA is available to work with you to develop and produce any personalized product, regarding design and dimension, where not included in the catalog.
For personalized creations, please send your request to:  providing all the necessary information, such as the following:
– Type of product: a necklace, pendant, bracelet, etc.
– Approximate measurements, i.e.: size, chain length, bracelet internal diameter
– Other information, such as type of clasp or earring back
– Preferred materials
– Maximum price, in order to estimate whether or not the item can be produced or how it can be modified
Should you need any guidance, the company is available to advise you in keeping with your needs and expectations.
Based on the information received, GUGLIELMINA will create a preliminary design and send you an estimate of the maximum price, as well as the lead and delivery time.
If you are in agreement with the preliminary design and conditions, GUGLIELMINA will process the order and ship the item to you without additional costs.
The right to cancellation cannot be applied in the case of personalized products.