As a Designer, Guglielmina Peretto has thirty years experience alongside major national and international industries in the luxury sector, particularly related to the jewellery, goldsmithry, and watchmaking industries, collaborating on the conception, design, and prototyping of new collections. She also worked in the textile sector and furnishing accessories.

Her many and varied work experiences, alongside companies with different production environments, have enabled her to successfully pursue her professional career and to direct her strong and lively creativity in various fields and to multiple market targets, creating numerous products, many of which have become “must-haves”.

In 2002 she started her own artisan business based in Padua, and in addition to her fashion consulting work, she established the brand GUGLIELMINA, experimenting with an alternative project related to contemporary jewellery.

She creates and produces collections of exquisite accessories and jewellery.

As early her collections clearly expressed her desire for change as she moved away from traditional forms and assemblies and experimented with combining quality materials such as silk, cashmere, wood and exotic leathers with gold, silver and natural stones. She gave a contemporary perspective to old manufacturing techniques such as embroidery and crochet by combining them with precious metal items made with various technologies, thereby giving her jewellery creative value which is uninhibited and far from being a status symbol.

With great intuition and sophistication Guglielmina creates unique ornaments and collections that complement a personal and anticonformist style.

There’s no doubt that her creations are real attention grabbers thanks to the sophisticated harmony of contrast, the texture, the combination of various highquality materials and the distinctive joyfulness generated by the incredibly colorful shapes.